For years, I’ve wanted to make an 80s punch dance film largely due to my dance background. When my ad team developed an 80s inspired 360 campaign for Conair, I knew this was my chance. Sam Carlson and I spent weeks over the summer developing and concepting the script. Later, I choreographed the dancing in my apartment, recruited amazing talent, and then directed and edited the spot. I spent thousands of hours on this project and worked with many talented people. This project was a big undertaking and worth every second.
Art Director, Director, Editor, Choreographer
One Show: Silver Cube Award
Utah Addys: Judge’s Choice Award, 3 Gold
Andy: Shortlist
Copywriter: Sam Carlson
Art Director: Brandon Hemsley
Set Art Director: Jennie Ellsworth
Set Art Director: Caylee Riding
DP: Josh Contor
Producer: London Halls
VFX: Justin Hemsley
Music: Chris Riding

Contact Info: 208-709-3570  |